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The company Belpa has started in 1946, 24 employees active with the sales, the engineering and manufacturing of their products. Belpa is one of the leading manufacturers in the Netherlands for transformers, such as:

  • 1 and 3 phased air-cooled transformers up to 1000 kVA
  • Toroidal transformers up to 5000 VA
  • AC/DC-supplies
  • Fanspeed regulators

Beside the good quality of the products that are made and produced in 'own' house, Belpa represent also a few other product lines of foreign countries. Through a intensive cooperation with these manufacturers, we can offer other possibilities like isolation control, DC/AC converters and UPS. With al these opportunities Belpa wants to be your subcontractor and also become your partner in the Electro Technique to solve your problems. 

  • Insolation monitoring, indicating and visialization BENDER
  • DC-AC converter (sinusform) COTEK
  • Custom made electrodes and high tension leads  SAPCO
  • Distribution transformers, cast resin transformers, high power transformers, special coils - TRASF ECO
  • Solar and energy storage + wind energy technology TRUSTEC ENERGY
  • Generating sets and other industrial diesel and gas engine based applications VAN WINGEN

With all these products Belpa is active in the sector industries: machine building, infrastructure, railway and installation in the area of the electrical security in medical used rooms.

 All our products are in accordance with national and international norms. For the relevant market areas the products are provided with the CE-mark; even a few products are certified by KEMA and UL.

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